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About Us 关于我们

Indochina Ginseng has been in business in the Denver metro area since 1989. Started by two Vietnamese-Chinese immigrants who built up the store's reputation as the first Chinese Medicine shop in Denver. 

Dr. Fu was hired as their Chinese Medicine practitioner in 1991. He has since taken over the shop after the original owners retired. They still come by frequently to check on the store as well as get advice from Dr. Fu regarding any ailments they may have. 

After arriving in the US in 1990, Dr. Fu worked at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center--now relocated to the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus--on the Visible Human Project which is now archived at the National Library of Medicine in Washington D.C./Bethesda, MD. It was the first project in the US to construct digital 3D computer models of human body systems and organs based on millimeter scans of a frozen cadaver. Dr. Fu worked as a Post Doctorate Fellow and Associate Professor during this project. 

Visible Human Project

Dr. Fu was a practicing physician and anatomical instructor at the Number 3 Military Medical Academy in Chongqing, China. He is also trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and has obtained proper Colorado and US acupuncture licenses. 

Please note we do not accept insurance and Dr. Fu is unable to write prescriptions because he does not have his MD license in the US. He is able to offer advice on your current medications and treatment options you can discuss with your MD licensed physician for possibly better efficacy.