First time here?

What can I expect?

Some clients have reported on review sites they felt uncomfortable or pressured during the consultation.

This is a no-frills Traditional Chinese Medicine clinic that caters to mostly East Asian clientele. Some of the interactions can be considered rude due to cultural differences.

e.g. Haggling is incredibly common in East Asia and makes most Americans extremely uncomfortable due how confrontational it is.

If you're looking for a 5-star spa experience with soothing music in the background during your session then this is not the store for you.

If you're looking for a place where people inside might not speak English or broken English, has sliced deer antlers (鹿茸) or mule glue (阿胶), and an acupuncture experience you'd find in China, you'll fit in fine.

On the plus side if you're looking for authentic Die Da Jiu 跌打酒 that has been soaking in a glass jar in the corner the last five years and labeled with a hastily written post it note in scribbled Chinese, you'll find it here.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the qualifications of your practitioner? 你们的中医资质是什么?

Dr. Fu was a practicing physician and anatomical instructor at the Number 3 Military Medical Academy in Chongqing, China.

After arriving in the US in 1990, Dr. Fu worked at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Centernow relocated to the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campuson the Visible Human Project which is now archived at the National Library of Medicine in Washington D.C./Bethesda, MD.

He is also trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and has obtained proper Colorado and US acupuncture licenses.

傅/付医生曾经是中国重庆第三军医学院的执业医师和解剖学讲师。他还接受过中医 (TCM) 培训,并获得了科罗拉多州和美国的适当针灸执照。


Learn More 了解更多

Why do you not have exact prices listed? 你们为什么没有列出具体的价格?

Prices may fluctuate based on client needs. Some clients require more or less time and/or services. Our prices are extremely competitive.

We want you to find the treatment helpful and return and/or spread the word.



Can I come for a cold or something simple? 可以因为感冒或者一些简单的病情来看医生吗

Yes, we're happy to see you for common ailments. Our prices are cheaper and the wait times faster than going to urgent care.

If it is outside our scope of practice we will recommend you visit a licensed health practitioner.

可以,我们很乐意治疗一些常见疾病。我们和美国急诊室相比之下费用更低, 等待时间也更快。


Do I need to make an appointment? 需要预约吗?

No, we prefer walk-ins. We recommend you call beforehand and ask if there is a wait time.


Do you write prescriptions/Rx? 能开处方吗?

Dr. Fu is unable to write prescriptions because he does not have his MD license in the US.

He is able to offer advice on your medications and treatment options you can discuss with your MD licensed physician for possibly better efficacy.



Do you accept insurance? 你们收保险吗?

We do not accept insurance. We can submit information on your behalf (with information you provide) to your insurance if you want to see if they will reimburse your treatment. Please inquire during your visit.