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Tung Shueh Pills 通血丸

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Description 详细信息

80 capsules/粒

Indications: Heal liver and kidney, lumbago, knee cramp, muscle ache, bone ache, extremities palsy, sluggish body, rheumatism, circulation of blood, strengthen muscle and bones. 



Directions and Dosage: For adults, 4 pills each time, three times per day. For children below 15 years of age to 8 years of age, 2 pills each time, three times per day. Take with warm water, after meal. 


Caution: Pregnant women and children under 8 should not use. Do not use if feeling cold or feverish. Consult a physician if needed. 

注意:儿童及孕妇勿服,感冒发热是暂停服用。 如病情需要, 应由医生诊治。

Product of Hong Kong

Current Product Expires: 01/2027

Other Names: Thông Huyết Hoàn, Thong Huyet Hoan, Tong Xie Wan, Tongxiewan

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Tung Shueh Pills 通血丸

$19.95 USD
$14.95 USD

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