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I-Ching-Sung Laxative Tablets 一轻松通便片

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Description 详细信息

60 tablets/粒

Indications: Occasional constipation, habitual constipation, constipation after parturition or operation and constipation due to climatic change or indigestion: may also be used as a purgative agent before operation or after administration of anthelmintics. (Recommended only for occasional constipation.)


Dosage: For adults 1-2 tablets before rest. For children and the debilitated dosage to be properly reduced. 


Caution 禁忌: Only for occasional use. Not for long-term use. 仅供偶尔使用。不适合长期使用。

Ingredients 成分: Diacetyldiphenolisatin 5 mg/tablet

Product of Jiangsu, China

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I-Ching-Sung Laxative Tablets 一轻松通便片

$11.95 USD

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