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Magic Farmer Ginseng Stomach Form 神农氏人参健脾丸

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Description 详细信息

200 pills/粒

Indications: This is a traditional Chinese herbal formula (supplement) which help support the immune system and help maintain normal energy level when experiencing occasional fatigue. (More commonly known as an appetite stimulant, helps indigestion, diarrhea, and associated fatigue.)

主治:人参健脾丸是中国传统方剂。 可健脾益气,和胃止泻。 对于脾胃虚弱引起的饮食不化, 倒饱嘈杂,恶心呕吐,腹痛便溏,不思饮食,体弱倦态引起的不适有改善作用。

Directions: To be taken orally, 2-3 times a day 8 pills each time with warm boiled water. 

服法用量:口服。 每日2-3次, 每次8粒。 温开水送下。 

Ingredients 成分: Ginseng 人参, Atractylodes marocephalae 白术, Poria cocos 茯苓, Common yam rhizome 山药, Tangerine peel pericarp 陈皮, Spiny amomum fruit 砂仁, Astragalus root 黄芪, Angelica danggui root 当归, Wild jujube seeds 酸枣仁, Thinleaf milkwork root 远志. 

Product Lanzhou, China 中国兰州制造


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Magic Farmer Ginseng Stomach Form 神农氏人参健脾丸

$7.95 USD

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