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Weisen-U 胃仙-U

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Description 详细信息

Description 简介: Famous and well-known Japanese antacid tablets. Now manufactured in Hong Kong under the same formula. 日本著名的抗酸药片。现在在香港以相同的配方生产。قرص های معروف و معروف ژاپنی ضد اسید. اکنون با همین فرمول در هنگ کنگ تولید می شود.

Indications: Hyperacidity, heartburn, feeling of discomfort in the stomach, feeling of fullness in the stomach, heaviness in the stomach, heaviness in the chest, belching (burping), nausea (retching, stomach nausea, hangovers and drunken retching, etc.), over-drinking, stomach pain, promotion of digestion, indigestion, anorexia, over-eating. 


Dosage: Adults should take 1 tablet 3 times a day after meals. 


Precautions: Keep out of reach of children.


Ingredients: Methymethionine sulfonium chloride 氯化甲硫氮25mg, Dried aluminum hydroxide gel 氢氧化铝镁 192mg, Biodiastase 生物淀粉酶 2000 25mg, Magnesium hydroxide (excipient) 氢氧化钠 159mg. 

Product of Hong Kong 香港制造

Current Product Expires: 02/2025 and 05/2026

Other Names: ワイセンーU, ワイセンU, 胃仙U, WeisenU, U-ويسين, Uويسين

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Weisen-U 胃仙-U

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